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My House Didn’t Sell, Now What? Free Guide to Selling Your Expired Home Listing

my-house-did-not-sellWhen things don’t go as planned in the sale of a home, it can be easy for a seller to give up on the excitement of moving that they had in the beginning. You may even be sitting there reading this thinking that it’s best to throw the towel in and give up on the dream of selling. Or to wait for an extended period “when the market is better”. Maybe you begin to question whether or not to even work with a real estate agent. Like you, the Berg family went through a similar decision process when their Minneapolis house didn’t sell.

“After a year and a half on the market with two different agents we were market weary and so was our house. We got a call from The Myra Jensen Team and Jimmy convinced me that they were/are different from other Realtors. We decided to list our home one more time at virtually the same price and had an offer in a couple of weeks.
Myra and Jimmy believed in the value of our home and that showed in the listing. Myra is multi-talented as a Realtor, Stager, Marketer, and top-notch listener. Her marketing made the best of our house and its location. This is is truly a team that excels at what they do! I’d work with them again!”  K. Berg, Minneapolis MN


Trying to sell your house is frustrating when it won’t sell and nobody is telling you what you need to do to get it sold.  If there was a chance to re-ignite the initial excitement you had to sell AND get you moved on with your life, wouldn’t it at least be worth investigating? Isn’t it time a real estate professional prioritized YOU and your family’s goals, in lieu of handing out empty promises? It’s our pleasure to help. And you never know… after you meet with us, you might actually be fielding calls from moving companies, and not more real estate agents! Sign up for our free guide and find out how we can help.