Get your home ready to sell -Family Photos
Get your home ready to sell -Family Photos

Get your home ready to sell -Family Photos

By Myra Jensen

You no doubt have heard about taking down family photos prior to listing your house.  But do you know why?  We want the buyers to imagine themselves in the home, it’s true.  But when you get your home ready to sell, we also want to take away any distractions for the buyer so they can put all of their focus on the home.

Your wedding photo from 20 years ago may be precious to you, but when you have family pictures hanging all over the home, the buyers will stop and look at the pictures to see if they recognize anyone.  This distracts them from paying attention to the details of your home.

To get your home ready to sell, you want the buyers to focus on the highlights of the home, not your personal photos. Usually pictures of babies and old fashioned black and white pictures are not distracting, but use them sparingly. Take down any signs, plaques or awards with your name on them.

There are some baby photos here, but they are not distracting to this beautiful room.

16630 72nd Ct NE BR3

So what kind of photos should you use?  Take a look at this collection of photos from a home that was across the street from Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis:

picture wall

This wall of photos includes old photos of the house and pictures of Minneapolis, the Lake and surrounding area.  While it may be a bit distracting, it does it for all the right reasons, perfectly telling the story of the home and neighborhood.

lake calhoun photo

However, if you take down your pictures and your wall looks like this, you will need to paint.  And please quit smoking in your house . . .



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