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Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Thinking of selling your home? Get your home ready to sell with these helpful articles to get you started! Then call The Myra Jensen Team – Home Marketing Experts of Keller Williams Classic Realty NW for your free consultation!  Licensed in MN.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell

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  • Decluttering  Decluttering is the first step to get your home ready to sell. Staging a home is not the same as decorating. It is about highlighting the features of your home and taking away distractions. . . full article
  • Curb Appeal  Buyers are always excited to start looking at homes and I know that the first impression – when we are driving up the driveway – can make or break their excitement.  Sometimes buyers know that a house is “THE” house the minute we drive up. . . full article
  • Bedrooms The Master Bedroom is going to be the most important of all of the bedrooms in the house.  Read these tips to make the bedroom look fantastic. . . full article
  • The Utility Room  When you get your home ready to sell, the Utility room is most often overlooked. Buyers always look closely at the furnace and water heater when looking at houses.  But usually,  a buyer has no idea what they are looking for . . . full article
  • Furniture Arrangement 101  Furniture placement is very important  – we don’t want buyers walking into a room and bumping into things, or seeing a visual roadblock such as the back of a sofa.  Taking out large items obviously can make the room look and feel larger. . . full article
  • Fix it!  Now is the time to look around and think about all of those little (or big) issues in your house that you just have not quite gotten around to repairing.   We all have them . . . full article
  • The Laundry Room  The laundry room is important in staging, because the typical mom spends so much time in there!  I know that Dad’s also do laundry . . . full article
  • Family Photos  You no doubt have heard about taking down family photos prior to listing your house.  But do you know why?  full article
  • Clean the Closet in easy steps  Most sellers are highly embarrassed when I ask to see their closets, and personally, I wouldn’t want anyone to look into my closets either.  When you get your home ready to sell, cleaning out the closets is an important step, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. . . full article
  • Pricing Your Home to Sell  Pricing Your Home to Sell means pricing your home “In The Market”.  Correct pricing is just as important as staging and marketing when selling your home. . . full article
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