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Get Your Home Ready to Sell – Furniture Arrangement 101

Get Your Home Ready to Sell – Furniture Arrangement 101

My agent is making me re-arrange my furniture!

By Myra Jensen

One of my favorite things to do when I list a home is working with the sellers to get the home ready to sell.  Sometimes one (or both!) of the sellers will resist my suggestions, thinking that it’s just a waste of time, but they always like the end result.

While I’m not a decorator, seeing a home for the first time helps me to be able to see it as a buyer will see it, and I can point out any distractions right away.  Trust me, I could never get my own home ready for the market, I’m too used to it.  (My home is NOT staged).

Furniture placement is very important  – we don’t want buyers walking into a room and bumping into things, or seeing a visual roadblock such as the back of a sofa.  Taking out large items obviously can make the room look and feel larger.  Check out this before picture from a listing I had awhile back.

furniture 1

This was a large finished basement, and half of the room was used as a toyroom, so that obviously added clutter  to the room.  But I want to point out the seating area.  While it is very functional for watching tv, it’s not very inviting.

Check out what happens when we move the furniture a little.

furniture 2

Wow!  Doesn’t that make you just want to sprawl out on the sofa and watch some football??  Also notice how we decluttered the entertainment center a little bit so the items are not distracting.

This arrangement allows the buyers to walk around in the seating area, where before, they likely would have stopped in the middle of the lower level and then turned around and walked out.

Furniture Arrangement 101:

  • No visual or physical roadblocks.  Allow buyers to walk around.
  • Keep hallways and pathways clear so buyers won’t bump into things or trip.
  • If an item is too large for the room – remove it.
  • Keep the floor as clear as possible – take away baskets, plants, etc.
  • Declutter shelves and remove any distracting items.
When we list your home for sale, we walk through room by room and show you what to do to get your home ready to sell, contact us today for a consultation on selling your home!