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Get Your Home Ready to Sell – The Laundry Room

Get Your Home Ready to Sell – The Laundry Room

Top 10 Tips for the Laundry Room

By Myra Jensen
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The laundry room is important in staging, because the typical mom spends so much time in there!  I know that Dad’s also do laundry, but so far, I haven’t met too many that really care what the laundry room looks like as long as the washer and dryer are in there and they are working.


Here are the top 10 Tips for the Laundry Room to get your home ready to sell!

1. Make sure the laundry room is clean and organized.  If you are using it for storage, this is the time to clean it out

2. Wipe down the washer and dryer.  Open up the lid on the washer and clean around the rim.

3. If you have a front load washer – make sure it does not smell!!  Look at your manufacturers instructions for cleaning.

4. Do the laundry!  There is nothing that is distracting to a buyer like a pile of stinky clothes on the floor.  Here’s a tip for you – make it a part of your morning routine to do a load of laundry every day if you have more than 2 people in the family.  This will keep you ahead of the pile.

5. Many homes have the laundry as a part of the utility room.  That’s ok, just make  the area around the washer and dryer look organized.  Put in a shelf for laundry supplies if you don’t have one.  Put a nice fluffy rug on the bare floor in front of the washer so it doesn’t look so bad to stand there and do laundry.

6. If you have a smaller home and a laundry closet, take everything out that is not laundry laundry roomrelated.  Clean and organize what is left.

7. Inspectors love to call out venting of the dryer – make sure your dryer is properly vented before you put your home on the market.

8. It’s ok to have laundry baskets on the washer or dryer if you have no other place for them, just do not have them full of dirty clothes.

9. Make sure you dust and wipe down washer and dryer at least weekly while you are on the market.

10. Make sure your laundry room SMELLS clean! Laundry = clean.  you do not want a dirty or smelly laundry room when your home is on the market!

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