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Top 5 products to help you get your home ready to sell

Top 5 products to help you get your home ready to sell

Over the years we have found some products that makes it a little easier to get your home ready to sell.  Read on to find out how these 5 products can help make getting ready to sell a little easier. Click on the photo for more info on each product.

Top 5 products to help you get your home ready to sell:

1. Bar Keepers Friend








A client told me about this product – she had a well, and with most wells with untreated water,  the iron content can stain bathtubs and sinks orange.  This product easily removes stains from the sink and tub.  I used this on my kitchen sink, I thought I was going to have to replace it, but it made it look like new. Use this product to make your kitchen and bathrooms look great!

2. Orange Glo

Many of us have older cabinets, doors and woodwork that may have faded over time, or have water stains where the wood has dried out or lightened.  This product will make your woodwork look beautiful again.  Just spray and wipe.

3. Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser is a great product to take random scuff marks off of walls also works great on sinks and tubs and other areas.  Try this before painting to see if the marks on the wall can just be removed.  Be careful however, it can remove the paint from the wall, especially if it is a matte paint.

4. Minwax Wipe on Poly

This product was recommended by a home inspector for maintaining wood window sills.  If your wood windows need some love, lightly sand them with sand paper and then use this product to seal them.  Follow directions carefully.  If they have a lot of damage, you may need to stain them first.   Here is a good video with directions on staining and sealing wood windows.

5. Febreze Air Freshener

Make sure your house is clean, so it smells good in the first place.  Nobody likes to look at a home that smells like pets, cooking or worst of all smoke.  These odors should be taken care of before listing your house, there are companies that can help you remove bad odors.  For a quick but not too heavy air freshener however, you can spray Febreze lightly around the house before a showing.   Be careful, if you use too much air freshener, buyers may think you are trying to hide something.

Use these products at your own risk, and follow directions and warning labels carefully .


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