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Jimmy C Jensen Youth in Music Scholarship

As part of our vision statement, The Myra Jensen Team – Home Marketing Experts has the goal of supporting young people in our community by helping them find purpose and direction through music education.  To support that vision, we have started the Jimmy C Jensen Youth in Music Scholarship. A portion of each of our real estate transactions will be donated to this scholarship.

The purpose of the Jimmy C Jensen Youth in Music Scholarship is to provide music lessons to school age students that have the passion and drive to play a musical instrument but do not otherwise have the opportunity or financial means to do so.

Jimmy C Jensen is a lifelong musician and was the original keyboard player for The Whitesidewalls Band.  Jimmy was inducted into the Midwest Music Hall of Fame in 2012. His continued encouragement, support and guidance has helped many young people in the community grow into successful working musicians.

Who can qualify: School age students age 18 and under living in the Osseo or Elk River School districts who have the desire to learn and practice a musical instrument. All that is needed is a referral from a teacher, principal, social service agency, foster care organization or submit an application.  There is no audition for this award.  Students must have transportation to and from their weekly lesson.

How do I apply or refer a student?:  Click here to fill out the online application.

What type of lessons are available? Currently private lessons in Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano/Keyboard and Voice are offered.  This may expand in the future. A donation of $100 pays for one month of lessons for a student.

Where are lessons conducted?  Students receive 30 minute weekly lessons. Lessons are held at the Spark Music School in Osseo MN or through Inverted Arts Programs.  Requests for other programs may be considered in the future.  http://www.sparkmusicstudio.com

Parental Involvement:  Support and encouragement from a parent or supportive adult or mentor is critical to the success of a student in this program.  Helping with practice, attending lessons, and sharing interest in the student’s progress all go a long way to make this a successful experience for the child.

How long does the scholarship last? Scholarships are awarded for a six month period and reviewed based on the students commitment to practice and attend lessons. A group class scholarship lasts throughout the length of the class.

Is there a cost to the student?  Students may wish to purchase their own instruments or additional music or supplies.  The scholarship can cover the cost of an entry level or used instrument where necessary.

How can I donate?  Financial donations are tax deductible in the United States and made through Inverted Arts a 501c3 non profit organization http://www.invertedarts.org – let them know your donation is for this program.

You may choose to donate:

  • A one-time donation in any amount.
  • Sponsor a child by paying the monthly tuition for a random or specific child.
  • Donate a used working instrument to be given to a child or sold with 100% of funds donated back to the program. We are accepting guitars, keyboards, bass guitars, drum sets and accessories.

Contact Myra Jensen at 763-227-0618 with questions. 

Jimmy C Jensen Youth in Music Scholarship

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