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Minnesota Cities that Require Truth in Housing Pre-List Inspections

The following Minnesota cities require Truth in Housing or “Point of Sale” inspection, either before listing or before sale. These are in the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area.  Some cities will require that hazardous items be repaired before sale – others will only require disclosure.  Check with your city for requirements.

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Bloomington Time of Sale Inspection Program

Brooklyn Park

City of Brooklyn Park Point of Sale Housing Inspections  As of the summer of 2013, the city of Brooklyn Park no longer requires Point of Sale Inspections.

The City of Brooklyn Park


Crystal Housing Maintenance Compliance Inspection As of the end of September 2015,  the City of Crystal no longer requires Point of Sale Inspections. 

The City of Crystal

Golden Valley

City of Golden Valley Point of Sale

The City of Golden Valley


City of Hopkins Truth in Housing


City of Maplewood Truth in Housing


City of Minneapolis Truth in Housing

New Hope

City of New Hope Point of Sale

Inspections Division
Phone: 763-531-5127


As of January 2016 Osseo no longer requires a truth in housing inspection.

City of Osseo Truth in Housing

The City of Osseo


City of Richfield Point of Sale Inspection

Richfield Municipal Center
6700 Portland Avenue
Richfield, MN.  55423  —-by mail or in person


City of Robbinsdale Point of Sale

St Louis Park

St Louis Park Point of Sale

St Paul

City of St Paul Truth in Housing

South St Paul

South St Paul Time of Sale Inspections