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Outdoors MN

Minnesota is known for it's 10,000 + lakes.  And those lakes plus a multitude of rivers, streams, forests and other beautiful features give us many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, any time of year! Check out some of these beautiful opportunities to explore the outdoors of MN!

Crow Wing State Park Brainerd MN
Weekend camping trip to Crow Wing State park in Brainerd MN. We were looking for a new spot to camp[...]
Mille Lacs Kathio State Park
Recently we had the opportunity to stay in one of the cabins at the newly update Eddy's Resort on the shores[...]
Banning State Park Sandstone MN
Banning State Park is a 6,226 acre park located in Sandstone MN, off of I-35 about 15 minutes north of[...]
Father Hennepin State Park Albino Deer
We love visiting Father Hennepin State Park in Minnesota on Lake Mille Lacs because it is less than an hour[...]
Crow Hassan Park Reserve
We visited the Crow Hassan Park Reserve on a beautiful sunny winter day and it was the perfect place to[...]
Top 5 Twin Cities and MN Annual Passes for Family Fun!
We have a family of 4, and admissions to a museum or park can start adding up.   Our boys have[...]
Henrys Woods Rogers MN
Henrys Woods Rogers MN is a rare stand of over 50 acres of the original 2,000 acres of Big Woods[...]
Eastman Nature Center Deer Watch
Family Fun at the Eastman Nature Center Deer Watch On Saturdays  in January and February the Eastman Nature Center in[...]