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Henrys Woods Rogers MN

Henrys Woods Rogers MN

Henrys Woods Rogers MN is a rare stand of over 50 acres of the original 2,000 acres of Big Woods that used to cover central Minnesota.  Only about 2% of these Big Woods remain, and this is one of the few large enough to be considered a forest.

Henrys Woods was generously donated to Hassan Township (now Rogers) by the Henry family.  We are fortunate in Rogers that these woods will forever be protected and preserved.  The park is located on Brockton Lane just north of Cty Rd 81 and is about 1 block east of Cabellas.

A fascinating article about the history of Henry’s woods and how it was donated to Rogers & Hassan

This park features the original Henry “Sugar Shack” used to process maple syrup on the site.   There is a  parking area, nature area and trails throughout the woods.

Link to City of Rogers MN Park & Recreation site