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St Paul MN Homes for Sale

Mississippi River near the Science Museaum

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The City of St Paul is located in Ramsey County and is one of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St Paul.  St Paul MN covers 56 square miles and borders the Mississippi River.  The population of St Paul MN is about 295,000.

The St Paul Public School district covers the entire city. Higher education options with in the city include; College of St. Catherine, Metropolitan State College, Macalester College, Hamline University, University of Minnesota and University of St. Thomas.

The name of the city of St. Paul has a curious history.  It began due to some squatters and whiskey-sellers around Fort Snelling being banished from the military reserve and forced to go down-river in 1840.  In that same year, a Catholic priest named Lucien Galtier arrived in the area and, within a short time, erected a log chapel in what is now the heart of the city, naming it after Saint Paul.  However, despite the presence of this primitive church, there was no actual city yet and steamboats docked at what was popularly known as “Pig’s Eye Landing”, after a purveyor of distilled spirits named Pig’s Eye Parrant, who had his tavern [or rather “shack”] nearby.

The town expanded considerably within a decade, but it was not until 1858 that Minnesota became the 32nd state of the union and its capital given the dignified name of “St. Paul”.  Of course, the nucleus of the city was, at first, what is now the downtown area, but it gradually expanded in all directions.

As one of the first Minnesota cities and the Capital of Minnesota, St Paul is steeped in history. Living in St Paul provides you with historical sites, theaters, museums, art centers, farmer’s markets, and festivals including the popular St Paul Winter Carnival.

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