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Seller Interview – LuxHomesMN

We need to know everything great about your home to help buyers find and fall in LOVE with your home! We create a full listing blog about your home which is full of keywords to attract buyers.  We will try to cut and paste your answers, so please be specific and natural, and answer the question in your response. This will be added to your listing page and other sites.  Please call Myra at 763-227-0618 if you have any questions.

Seller Interview

The Myra Jensen Team - Home Marketing Experts Seller Interview Intake
  • * START YOUR ANSWER WITH The things I love about (town name) are.....
  • START YOUR ANSWER WITH, Our neighborhood is great for .........Porch parties, friendly, charity etc
  • START YOUR ANSWER WITH SOMETHING LIKE we love to eat at the following restaurants:
  • START YOUR ANSWER WITH SOMETHING LIKE "We typically shop for groceries . . . "
  • START YOUR ANSWER WITH SOMETHING LIKE when we bought the property we were drawn to ...
  • START YOUR ANSWER WITH SOMETHING LIKE We enjoy xyz hobbies and interests that are located...parks, bike paths, yoga, etc.
  • Gas, electric, cable, etc.