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How Showings Work

How Showings Work


Getting your first showing is very exciting, but it is important to know how showings work when your home is on the market.

When you have a showing scheduled – please leave 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time.  Leave lights on and house should be clean, pets kenneled or even better to take them with you.

It is important that you understand that if an agent makes an appointment from 1:00- 2:00, he or she is planning to be there at some point during that time slot. Probably not at 1:00 exactly. Agents often tour several homes during an outing, and it is impossible to know how long the buyer will want to stay at each home.

Other times, a buyer might decide mid-stream not to look at your home at all. Agents typically will call to cancel the appointment, and we do our best to let you know of any cancellations as soon as possible. Agents will typically leave their card as a courtesy so that you will know that they have been in the home, but you will usually be able to tell if they have been there or not.

If anyone knocks on your door without an appointment, do not let them enter the home! Refer that person to your lead agent, and they will make sure the buyer is qualified to buy, and schedule an appointment to tour the home.

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